Monday, 16 January 2012

The Voyage of Haywyre

 Genre: Glitch Hop/Dubstep
The weekend is over and a lot of good Electronic music music was released. One I found which was particularly good was Martin Vogt aka Haywyre's "The Voyage". From the name and cover you will expect a full throttle ride when listening to this album.
"The Voyage" is a cross between Glitch and a lot of space effects. Haywyre really captured the outer space and the cosmic airwaves perfectly. One impressive attribute was the way the wobble bass was produced in the tracks to go with the space shuttle theme of the album. It reminds me of xKore's Space Cowboy but less wobbly. So many of the tracks felt like the tunes where falling from the sky into ones hears.
I also loved the piano piece that was heard. It was new experience to hear such excellent piano piece on a dubstep tracks. I was especially impressed with the piano sessions in "The Voyage" and "Atmospheric Evolution". He must be an excellent pianist, throughout the album he showed it. And it was wonderful to listen to it.
The tracks that were really good were "Atmospheric Evolution", "Pendulum", "Mokalite" , "The Voyage" and "Catalyst"
I would recommend this album 100%. It is beautiful and wonderful in all aspects. Haywyre really did his homework well. "The Voyage" is perfect for travelling (especially into space). One of the best underground dubstep albums I have heard this year.
Grade: A
01 – Grey (Original Mix)
02 – Pendulum (Original Mix)
03 – Prelude to the Voyage (Original Mix)
04 – The Voyage (Original Mix)
05 – Mokalite (Original Mix)
06 – Trigger (Original Mix)
07 – Crimson (Original Mix)
08 – Atmospheric Evolution (Original Mix)
09 – Breathe (Original Mix)
10 – Gravity (Original Mix)
11 – Friction (Original Mix)
12 – Catalyst (Original Mix)
13 – Parting Ways (Original Mix)
14 – Cosmic Prime (Original Mix)
15 – Motionless (Original Mix)

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