Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Introducing Loqiemean's "The First Man's Lie"

Genre: Dubstep
Loqiemean is a Russian dubstep act. I know very little about them or him but still would like to hear what kind of dubstep music Loqiemean makes. So a jumped on the chance on listening to his 10 track EP that was released during the weekend.
The First Man's Lie has a lot of sampled music in it which I find extremely interesting to listen to. A lot of these samples were hip-hop oriented, the others I presume would be soul music. There were a lot of glitch music and and a lot of brostep and techstep in the EP which were beautifully organised. One thing I found interesting was that the music did not go too over-board like Skrillex sometimes do. That's not to say that I dislike Skrillex's music, I found it annoying if other dubstep artist keep copying his style to much. Loqiemean however made his dubstep sound more hip hop and B-boy style. The track "Scurple" I enjoyed to the Russian sampling in the beginning of the track.
The track that I loved the most were "I Don't Wanna Be" "Scurple" "Texas Erection" "Immortal". "Dexter Morgan" to me was also awesome.
To conclude I would say that Loqiemean are clearly welcome to the dubstep scene.
Rate: B
01 – Swag It
02 – Dexter Morgan
03 – Dead Line
04 – Drama feat. Serj Tankian(Loqiemean remix) [BitterSweet]
05 – I Don’t Wanna Be
06 – Immortal (The Shadow Out)
07 – Texas Erection
08 – The First Man’s Lie
09 – Neverland
10 – Scurple