Friday, 27 January 2012

Virtual Boy

Genre: Bitpop
Well this LP has me in a limbo. I do not really no what to make out of it really. It is like it is a mixture of chiptune, dubstep, deep house and glitch-hop. This puzzles me really. People really liked their previous work but I simply find this one a bit below par. Most of the time I listen to the album I was wondering what they were actually doing. I really wish I knew. The only thing I liked was calm and peaceful melodies. Other than that it was not something I would like listening to again.
01 – Motion Control
02 – Go Johnny, Yeah!
03 – Sandias
04 – Empty Place
05 – Chariot
06 – Let Go
07 – Viking
08 – Corrales
09 – Memory of a Ghost
10 – The Tower
11 – Only One

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