Thursday, 5 January 2012


Style: Drum n' Bass (Liquid Funk)
Subwave is the first Drum n' Bass album to grace the scene this year. Not only that but it is liquid funk, my favourite sub-genre when it comes to DnB. I love liquid, so I wondered how good the album would be? While I was listening I could see this was true to the liquid scene since it had all the hallmark of it, fast and heavy beats with soulful vocals and deep melodies. Subwave delivered just that. Some of their tracks had that deep house or lounge theme, examples were "Tonel" and "Green Water". I also enjoyed the sampling of Zulu vocals and Bantu in tracks "Aeeeh" and "Wheel of Time". One thing I found annoying was that some tracks were repetitive in nature. Actually could make me sleep.
The tracks that I really enjoyed listening to were "Senses", "Bring Me Down", "Rainbow(with Enei)" and "4th Illusion" as these tracks delivered the fast pace soul music I love so much.
In a nutshell I would say that Subwave is a decent album. A good album to start the year with though.
Rate: C

01. Wheel of Time (6:46)
02. Senses (6:43)
03. Tonal (5:33)
04. Bring Me Down (6:07)
05. Rainbows feat. Enei (5:34)
06. The Mines (6:06)
07. 4th Illusion (5:40)
08. Green Water (6:34)
09. Aeeeh (6:21)
10. Asteroids (7:24)
11. Without You (7:05)

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