Thursday, 18 August 2011

Hospitality Festival Drum & Bass

The Hospitality Festival Drum & Bass album is a collection of various talent that HospitalityDNB have on their label. The album can boast of heavyweights like London Elektricity, Logistics, Danny Byrds, as well as this year's break out artist Netsky. With amount o brilliant and fresh talent displayed on this album, it should be a no brain er for drum n bass fans to get this album.
The first time I cam e across this album was on It was one of the hottest albums on the chart at that time, no surprise. When I started listening to the album I discovered so many artists that I had never heard of before, like the likes of Nu:Tune, Reso, DJ Hazards, Stranjah etc. I don't know how long some of these artists have been in the game but they really impressed me, especially Nu:Tune. As I listen to the album there were some tracks that I could not stop listening. The first track to really get my attention was "Lotus Symphony" by Netsky. It seems that this maverick can't stop making incredible tunes. He is on his way, trust me. London Elektricity also blew me away with his new tracks "Yikes" and "The Plan Cannot Fail". I can now see why he is a DnB legend. He has some killer piano tunes. I also fell in love with Stranjah's "Cry 4 U" which took samples of a classic Sade track "No Ordinary Love" and turn it to a really good club, loving it.
So much quality in this album, with each artist bring their own uniqueness into the fray. This album truly celebrates the music that Hospitality brings us everyday.
Track List
  1. S.P.Y. - Turn the Lights Off
  2. MUFFLER - Dribble
  3. Hybris - Keeping Me
  4. London Elektricity - Meteorites feat. Elsa Ssmeralda
  5. N3GUS - Fill Yer Boots
  6. Cyantific - Bounce It
  7. Art vs.Science - Magic Fountain(Royalston)
  8. D1 - Flood of Emotions(Enai Remix) feat. Jenna G
  9. London Elektricity - The Plan That Cannot Fail
  10. Logistics - Gang Colours
  11. DJ Hazard - Food Fight
  12. Nu:Tune - The Feeling feat. Ben Westbeech
  13. Noisia - Friendly Intentions
  14. Cyantific - Don't Follow feat. Diane Charlemagne
  15. D*Minds - Visions
  16. Reso - War Machine
  17. Sub-Zero - Poon
  18. Camo & Krooked - Breezeblock
  19. Phace and Misanthrop - Desert Orgy
  20. London Elektricity - Yikes
  21. Nu:Tune - Coming back feat. Heidi Vogel
  22. MRSA & Parallax - Recurring Dream
  23. Anile - Change of Direction
  24. Netsky - Lotus Symphony
  25. Ant Miles & Moving Fusion - Stargate
  26. Joe Syntax - Signal Drop
  27. Stranjah - Cry 4 U feat Swervez
  28. Nu:Tune- Win the Fight
  29. Various Artists - Hospitality Festival Drum n Bass - Mix by Tomahawk

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