Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Between the Lines by Camo & Krooked

Genre: Drum n Bass
Well it is here the remix album of Camo & Krooked's "Cross the Line" entitled "Between the Lines" If you actually want to appreciate this album to the fullest, I advice you to listen to the "Cross the Line" first before picking up this album. There are so many artists that contributed on this album, from the likes of Fred V & Grafix to Bcee, Metrik to FuntCase, Subwave to Smooth. Each of the artists that remixed a track on this album, brought their own unique style to the front which to me has extremely refreshing to listen to.
For the tracks that were remixed most of them were so much better than the original mixed. Like Bcee remix of "Afterlife" which was simply amazing or "Change Me" which was remixed by Submorphics. The "Change Me" remix really stands for me because the original track was not that hot but the remix is so soulful. Fred V & Grafix also produce an excellent remix for "All Fall Down" that is worth listening to as well. But I think most listeners will be impressed by the "Hot Pursuit" remixes by Caizo, Dead Battery and FuntCase. My favourite amongst them has to be FuntCunt remix, really good one.
In the end I would say this is a really good remix album which all dnb fans would enjoy to the fullest. Now let me listen to that Afterlife remix again!
Rate: +A
01 Get Dirty (Smooth remix)
02 Lost In The Future
03 Dusk To Dawn
04 Afterlife (BCee remix)
05 Cross The Line (Metrik remix)
06 Anubis (Inside Info remix)
07 Further Away
08 Run Riot (Sub Zero remix)
09 Cryptkeeper (Mind Vortex remix)
10 All Fall Down (Fred V & Grafix remix)
11 Hot Pursuit (Funtcase remix)
12 Watch It Burn (High Maintenance Remix)
13 Change Me (Submorphics remix)
14 Hot Pursuit (Dead Battery remix)

15 Menace (Mefjus remix)
16 Portal (Subwave remix)
17 Make The Call (dnb mix)
18 The Lesson (Body & Soul vs Fourward remix)
19 Hot Pursuit (Cazio remix)


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