Monday, 26 March 2012

All Over Me EP by Magnum

Genre: Dubstep/ Grime
For some strange reason I decided today to look for a LP/EP that might be completely different from what I have been listening to. So when I saw "All Over Me EP" by Magnum, I decided to give it a go. First I wonder who are they. Then I found out that he is an Puerto Rican dubstep producer on 92Points. Also I realize that this was not brostep or filthstep but more grime or future garage.
When I eventually got to listening to the EP I was blown away and amazed by the quality of the tracks on the EP. It had that haunting yet soulful feel to it lie a certain guy on Hyperdub ( Burial) but more times at a faster pace, suitable for a club environment. I loved the track "Dense". It was absolutely amazing. It had that haunting sound with deep bass and atmospheric melodies. The remix from French Fries fell a bit short to me but still was good.
Another track that I found was worth listening to was "Baby" which had that dance element to it. A track that would fit perfectly in the club/ or lounge in my opinion.
So if you are looking for dubstep that is not brostep or filtstep then Magnum's "All Over Me EP" is a good choice.
Rate: A

01 – All Over Me
02 – Dense
03 – Dense (French Fries Remix)
04 – Baby
05 – All Over Me (Visionist Remix)


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