Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Rusko "Songs"

Genre: Dubstep
So the highly anticipated album from Rusko is finally out! And it is entitled "Songs". It has been awhile since we heard from Rusko since is critically acclaimed album "O.M.G.". The only sad thing about this album to me is that "Everyday" was not on it, which I thought it would have been.
Anyway, listening to this album I was really surprised with the direction in which Rusko went. Rusko decided this time to implemen more of a reggae feel in "Songs" which at time I found a bit odd but also refreshing. At least he did not go the same route that so many of our dubstep artist are going these days. However the basslines where still there with some cool beats. The only problem was it did not match the quality of the previous album which to me was the best dubstep album of 2010. But I could be wrong, this album could be a huge success.
Some of the songs on "Songs" that I loved were the hit single "Somebody to Love", "M357", "Thunder", and "Pressure". 
So would say that this album had solid tracks. Great tracks,we have to wait and see. Rusko should have but the "Everyday" song or even the Netsky remix on the album. If he had I believe people would have loved the album even more. But if you like reggae and dub mixed together than you better get this album now!
Rate: B
01 – Intro – Year 3000 Style
02 – Somebody To Love
03 – Pressure
04 – Skanker
05 – Love No More
06 – Opium
07 – Dirty Sexy
08 – Be Free
09 – Thunder
10 – Roll Da Beats (Old School Edition)
11 – Mek More Green
12 – Asda Car Park
13 – Whistle Crew
14 – M357

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