Thursday, 24 May 2012

Join Slugabed's Time Team

Genre: Wonky/Glitch hop
Slugabed yes that is his name, New album "Time Team" is one of the the strangest yet most beautiful glitch/wonky albums I have heard so far this year. It has it all, funny titles for its tracks with equally funny sounds, weird noises and a lot of glitches that makes me sit down and smile or just jump around in madness.
There are a lot of things which I found were unique with this album. The way he fused the synthetic sounds, FX, and the drum pattern to create his melodies was amazing.
Equally amazing was the voice samples he used which brought a bit of humour to his album.  And how he fused all this is still a mystery.
In conclusion I would say this album is beautiful piece of art form. One that Ninja Tune and Slugabed could be very proud of indeed.
Grade: A

01 – New Worlds
02 – Sex
03 – All This Time
04 – Moonbeam Rider
05 – Travel Sweets
06 – Unicorn Suplex
07 – Dragon Drums
08 – Mountains Come Out Of The Sky
09 – Grandma Paints Nice
10 – Climbing A Tree
11 – Earth Claps
12 – It’s When The Future Falls Plop On Your Head
13 – Haze
14 – Soft Lunch

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