Friday, 1 June 2012

Introducing Chic Gala

Genre: 8-Bit/ New Wave/Punk
Chic Gala s electro-punk group with a lot of indie style in their music. Their new album "Inside The Ember Palace" was released on D-Trash records on the 29th May. It s full of crazy lyrics, chick screaming and mildy loud 8-bit sounds. I really enjoyed the vocals of this album even though I could not make out a single word that they were really saying. But did not worry about that. It is punk music, whatever they say is cool to me.
My favorite track was "Psycho Girl". I just love the screaming of a girl on this track. Perfect song to start a riot.
In conclusion it was enjoyable to listen to. Especially if you like to disturb a lot.
Grade B


1 Read My Lips 4:18
2 Bleached Out Eyes 1:35
3 Inside The Ember Palace 1:34
4 Push And Pull 2:49
5 Prenatal Arousal 2:40
6 Sexual Advances 2:18
7 Attack Of The Kitchen Appliances 2:34
8 Prison Of Technology 2:48
9 Psycho Bitch 2:00
10 Stand Aside 1:29
11 Fantasm 1:04
12 Push And Pull (Cory Martin Remix) 3:45
13 Read My Lips (Cory Martin Remix) 6:17


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