Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Minimailzed by Heavy1

Genre: Drum n Bass
On the 14th of May Heavy1 released "Minimalized" on Rubik Records. The album features the like of Key MC, Iriann Joyce and June Miller. The album consist of 11 tracks with two bonus tracks on some editions.
My first impression when listening was that I found it to be a bit slow It sound like it was 140 b.m.p. or 150 b.m.p. which is slow for if it is drum n bass. It felt however like the pace was directed more into the dubstep sphere. A track that demonstrated this was "Deep Train". The itself displayed different kinds of styles from abit of neurofunk, to jungle and a bit of atmospheric sounds. Some tracks also sounded as if they were minimal or tech house.
Going through the album, the tracks I really enjoyed were "Minimalized" and "The Light Upon My Road".
In conclusion I found the album to be average. Very little stood out. It was boring to be fair.
Grade C

01. Heavy1 – Loveless (05:19)
02. Heavy1 – Fear the Satellites (05:18)
03. Heavy1 – Syndrome (05:12)
04. Heavy1 featuring. Key MC – Deep Train (06:39)
05. Heavy1 – Asianova (05:37)
06. Heavy1 featuring. Key MC – Pulse (04:45)
07. Heavy1 featuring. Iriann Joyce – The Light Upon My Road (05:17)
08. Heavy1 – Ongaku (05:31)
09. Heavy1 – Diehard (05:24)
10. Heavy1 & June Miller – Judge (04:12)
11. Heavy1 – Minimalized (06:04)
12. Heavy1 featuring. Iriann Joyce – The Light Upon My Road (INSTRUMENTAL) (05:17)
13. Heavy1 – Should I (Heavy1 VIP Remix) (05:43)

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