Thursday, 21 June 2012

Air Chrysalis by Concord Dawn

Genre: Drum n Bass
Today Concord Dawn released their new album "Air Chrysalis" on their Facebook page for free. Hearing this I decided to download and listen to it to see if it was any good. I can say that I really enjoyed listening to this album. The album also features artists Thomas Oliver, Rikki Morris, Savage, Nina Mcsweeney and Jade. This album contains good old drum n bass from the early and mid 2000s, an era which I enjoy the most I must add. The album was fast with hard hitting drums and excellent atmospheric sounds that made me fall in love with Concord Dawn. There were so many songs that I loved. Concord Dawn really did a good job on this album.
In conclusion this was a good dnb album. One which should because it is free!

Grade: A

01. Evaporate 5:21
02. These Prison Walls (Featuring Thomas Oliver) 6:23
03. One Tear (Featuring Rikki Morris) 5:15
04. Electrocute 5:16
05. Air Chrysalis 6:05
06. Put Em’ Up High (Featuring Savage) 2:59
07. The River (Featuring Nina Mcsweeney) 6:40
08. Kepler 6:18
09. Heartburn 5:56
10. Better Days 5:40
11. Tear Down The Sky Featuring Jade 5:16
12. Soft Focus 6:55


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