Thursday, 9 August 2012

Whispers LP by Science Fiction

Genre: Drum n Bass
Science Fiction released their new album on Tamrecords entitled "Whispers LP". Whispers LP is a drum n bass album that mostly consists of atmospheric sounds and soft but pacey drum patterns. It is also a very smooth enjoyable to listen to but to dance to it one cannot say.
One thing that drags the album down was that there was no presence of vocals or vocals sampling on it of any sort. Something that was clearly missed.
In conclusion the album was okay, but could have been better.
Grade: C
01. Science Fiction - Future Train
02. Science Fiction - White Dots
03. Science Fiction - Ishimura
04. Science Fiction - Whispers
05. Science Fiction - When I Kiss
06. Science Fiction - Valera Mutant
07. Science Fiction - No Way Out
08. Science Fiction - Germany 1939


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