Thursday, 10 May 2012

Unlike Pluto's Poetic Jargon EP

Genre: Electro house/Dubstep
This week Unlike Pluto released his new EP called "Poetic Jargon". Some of the songs on this EP I had previously heard on soundcloud, therefore I was really interested of hearing more from Unlike Pluto. There are some really good tunes on this EP. The tracks are a mixture of electro house and dubstep . But the dubstep has more melody in it than the usual filthstep which I am growing increasingly tired off. The track that I enjoyed the most was "Sky Drop". I think it was a really good track and the best on the EP.
In conclusion Unlike Pluto produced a solid EP. One that he can definately build on with the right support provided if signed.
Grade: B

Broken Bagpipes
Gentle Creatures
Jack Sparrow
Sky Drop


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