Thursday, 19 April 2012

The Wonky World of Lone's Galaxy Garden

Genre: Electronic/ Wonky
Lone is out with a new LP called "Galaxy Garden". This artist very interesting to listen to as he brings so many incredible sounds on his album. I am particularly impressed with the drum pattern that is displayed on each of the tracks. Though some maybe repetitive the are enjoyable and easy to dance to. Not only that but it is also an album that you can sit down and relax to.
What I enjoyed the most about the album was the wonky bass throughout the album. It was so enjoyable to listen to it. I could not stop dancing to it. Simply magnificent stuff from Lone I must say.
The tracks that I loved on this album were "Now Colour", "Crystal Cavern 1991", "Lying in Reeds" and "Raindance. There were appearances from Machinedrum and Anneka on the album.
In conclusion I say that this was a very enjoyable album to relax, dance and listen to. Some really good stuff here!
Rate: A

01 – New Colour
02 – The Animal Pattern
03 – As a Child [ft. Machinedrum]
04 – Lying in the Reeds
05 – Dragon Blue Eyes
06 – Crystal Caverns 1991
07 – Raindance
08 – Dream GirlSky Surfer
09 – Earth’s Lungs
10 – Cthulhu [ft. Machinedrum]
11 – Stands Tidal Waves
12 – Spirals [ft. Anneka]

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