Monday, 9 April 2012

Vava Voom by Bassnectar

Genre: Dubstep/Breakcore
So another album by Bassnectar called "Vava Voom". I have to say this album is one of the most complete dubstep album I have heard in a long time. It was funny, cool and eventful. Something to behold for sure from Bassnectar. The style that Bassnectar displayed in this album was very vast with, rap, ragga and a bit of dreamy in it which I found kind of cute in the track "Laughter Crescendo ( 2012 version). It also had haunting vocals which was provided by Mimi Page on "Butterfly". Also the album also features Chicago MC Lupe Fiasco on "Vava Voom", which caught me by surprise. The ragga influenced track "What" with Jantsen was good. This is so far the most complete and most solid dubstep album out so far. It did not have too much of that rough bass that we been bombarded with for weeks. Anyone that buys this album will not be disappointed.
Rate: +A

01. Vava Voom (Feat. Lupe Fiasco) (03:49)
02. Empathy (04:20)
03. Ugly (Feat. Amp Live) (04:33)
04. Ping Pong (04:31)
05. What (Feat. Jantsen) (04:54)
06. Pennywise Tribute (04:35)
07. Do It Like This (Feat. Ill.Gates) (03:06)
08. Laughter Crescendo (2012 Version) (05:51)
09. Butterfly (Feat. Mimi Page) (04:17)
10. Nothing Has Been Broken (Feat. Tina Malia) (05:48)
11. Chronological Outtakes (08:35)

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