Saturday, 7 April 2012

Immune to Gravity EP by J Rabbit

Genre: Dubstep
The Rabbit of dubstep has released another EP called "Immune to Gravity". Apparently he thinks he will rise to the top and never come down. I doubt that he is immune to gravity anyway after listening to this EP.
The EP was full of twisted rugged basslines which I am finding far too common in dubstep these days. But there were some tracks that I liked however on this EP. Like "Immune to Gravity" but at times it sounded like some machines being tormented.
So conclusion is that this EP was okay. That is it.
Rate: C

01 – Bad Larry (Original Mix)
02 – Immune to Gravity (Original Mix)
03 – Just Sayin (Original Mix)
04 – Robot Mafia Showdown (Original)

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