Thursday, 5 April 2012

Riot! EP by Cookie Monsta

Genre: Dubstep
Cookie Monsta not the one from The Muppets has released his latest EP called "Riot!". One thing I can say about this EP is that it is filled with noise, filthy bass and a lot of loudness. Not surprised since the EP name sake. I did not have a hard time listening to it though. But if I was in a bad mood and I listened to this album would throw the CD out of the room. If on the other hand I want to disturb the whole community, then this EP id the perfect.
I can say this EP should only be played in raves, house parties and in clubs. Not an album you can sit down and listen to in the comfort of your home, because this EP provides no comfort whatsoever.
"Riot!" is a good filthstep EP if it is what you like to listen to. If you are not a fan of filthstep, then do not even attempt to buy this EP. You might regret it.
Rate; C

01 – Riot!
02 – Level Up
03 – Time to Get Crunk
04 – HedRokkA

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