Friday, 13 April 2012

Vitamin D by Datsik

Genre: Dubstep
This week Datsik released his new album called "Vitamin D" on Last Gang Records. The album is full of robotic tunes with filthy bass lines and the occasional hip hop voice sample here and there. The album is very loud indeed and makes a lot of noise. I can say this is not for the faint hearten as many non-dubstep fans would find it irritating and dirty. I felt the album actually sounded very similar to what so many other dubstep artist are releasing. So I actually did not see a great deal of uniqueness as I hoped.
There were some tracks that I found were really good. like "Bonafide Hustler" "Napalm and "Fully Brown.
In conclusion, I would say it is okay. That is all.
Rate: C

01 – Annihilate (Original Mix)
02 – Fully Blown (Original Mix)
03 – Syndrome (Original Mix)
04 – Bonafide Hustler (Original Mix)
05 – Evilution (Original Mix)
06 – Need You (Original Mix)
07 – Don’t Feel Right (Original Mix)
08 – Light The Fuse (Original Mix)
09 – Complete Control (Original Mix)
10 – Punisher (Original Mix)
11 – Napalm (Original Mix)
12 - Double Trouble ( Original Mix)

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