Monday, 21 May 2012

Low Sun EP by Swarms

Genre: Dubstep
Swarms, the group that are very similar to dubstep artist Burial have released a new EP called "Low Sun". They bring back that deep downtempo dubstep, which is so fresh and relaxing to listen to. A type of dubstep that many listeners have ignored in recent times. I really enjoyed the vocals on this EP which were not always clear but always relaxing to listen to. The only thing that I found disappointing was that it was only 4 tracks. I hope that it would not take long before they release a new album.
In the end "Low Sun EP" is a good EP. If you enjoy artists like Burial, Clubroot and Zomby, then you will love this new EP from Swarms
Grade: B
01 – Low Sun
02 – The Hinge Of The Night Sky
03 – Pandora
04 – Forest


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