Monday, 5 March 2012

Commix Presents Dusted

Genre: Drum N Bass
A new LP from Commix is out called "Commix Presents Dusted". This is the first time I have actually heard them and I was interested in hearing their version of dnb.
When I was listening to them I did not feel blown away by their tunes more relaxed and calm. The tracks on this LP were so smooth and atmospheric, a combination which was very enjoyable to hear. Commix also used excellent vocal samples in their tracks that blended in perfectly in their tracks. This was truly amazing to listen to.
The track "Golden" sounded very similar to Bcee's track Generation ( S.P.Y. Remix). A mixture of soulful melody I must say. There were so many tracks on this album I enjoyed. The ones that I enjoyed the most were "MFSB", "Everything" and "Golden".
Conclusion, I would say this is one of the best dnb albums out this year. One a true dnb fan would love so much
Rate: +A
01 – Time Has Come
02 – Change On Me
03 – Mfsb
04 – Everything
05 – Golden
06 – I Have You
07 – Untitled (Sept 06)
08 – Tracking You
09 – Audience
10 – EXP
11 – Envious (Original Commix Demo Version)
12 – Autumn Rides

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