Monday, 1 August 2011

Unfold the Sounds of John O' Callaghan

This is an album that I have been waiting for a very long time. In fact I have waited for this album ever since I heard singles "Talk to Me" and "Save this Moment" on ASOT (A State of Trance). In my opinion it is one of the best albums in the trance and progressive house music released this year. It had many solid tracks that are very enjoyable indeed. I enjoyed almost all the tracks on this one. The vocals support that features on this album was very impressive. I enjoyed the collaboration made by Betsie Larkin on "Save This Moment" and "Impossible to Live Without You", Cathy Burton on "Perfection", Audrey Gallagher on "Bring Back the Sun (Ambient Mix), and Kathryn Gallagher on "Mess of a Machine". I also enjoyed the joint combination he did with Guiseppe Ottaviani called "Ride the Wave" which was pretty cool. But the track that always gets me of my seat has to be "Talk to Me" which John O' Callaghan did with Timmy & Tommy. A track which was a future favourite on ASOT 494 ( actually it was an Orjan Nilsen Remix but it was cool). There was also a enjoyable ambient track made with Neptune Project called "Rhea" which surprised me a bit, because I was not expecting it.
When I look at it all Unfold by John O' Callaghan must be one of the best trance albums this year, at least I think so. What about you?
Track List
  1. Save This Moment feat. Betsie Larkin
  2. Talk To Me feat. Timmy & Tommy
  3. Perfection feat. Cathy Burton
  4. Smokescreen
  5. Bring Back The Sun (Ambient Mix) feat. Audrey Gallagher
  6. Stargazer feat. Thomas Bronzwaer
  7. Stresstest
  8. Ride The Wave feat. Giuseppe Ottaviani
  9. Impossible Without You feat. Betsie Larkin
  10. Mess Of A Machine feat. Kathryn Gallagher
  11. Psychic Sensor
  12. Centurion
  13. Raw Deal 
  14. Rhea(Ambient Mix) feat. Neptune Project

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