Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Top 100 DJ poll of 2011

This years Top 100 DJ poll is back once again. The frenzy is one as fans can now determine who is the best DJ in the world. For four consecutive years now Armin van Buuren has won the DJmag's best DJ, and he is still a strong favorite to win it an unprecedented fifth time. I will not be surprised if he does. But who are the contenders that can dethrone the trance maverick this time around I wonder, well there are few out there that can. In the end it depends on the fans of the various DJ. So If you are a DJ and you want to be on that list, get your fans behind you and let them participate.
For me, this is a poll where we the people appreciate the people behind the beats, melody and the rhythm of every song out there. So go and vote now!

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