Monday, 25 July 2011

Ill Skillz Bring Nectar & Ambrosia

 Album Cover of Nectar & Ambrosia
Nectar & Ambrosia is the first studio album from the drum n' bass group Ill Skillz. I first heard this album when I browsed the net for a new drum n' bass album. I felt I need to find a new drum n bass album since I had not one for a long time. The only place I knew where I could get get the information was Drum n' Bass Arena at , to look at the album charts. When I saw that Nectar & Ambrosia was on the top 10 of drum n bass I knew this was the album for me.
My first impression of Nectar & Ambrosia was satisfactory. I continue to listen to the tracks on the album and found it a little bit slower than other albums like Immersion from Pendulum and No More Idols from Chase & Status (i.e. at least in the beginning of each track). 
Ill Skillz also brought some originality to me that many drum n bass fans will find very entertaining. Some the tracks will just blow you away like "Nectar & Ambrosia" which a very hardcore fast track. Another track I found very cool was "The Deeper We Bleep" which had that space like tune that was awesome.
The album also features collaborations with artists like Thomas Azier, DubFX, DJ Mat, Lil Rhys, Woodnote and UEZ. The collaboration that stood out for me in this album was "Face the Music" with DubFX which brought that Jungle vibe to the track.
Overall I would say that Ill Skillz's Nectar & Ambrosia was a solid album worth listening to.

Track List
  1. Intro (Neuphoria)
  2. Nectar & Ambrosia
  3. The Deeper We Bleep
  4. Memorizer
  5. Desert Bells
  6. Imaginary Numbers
  7. Gold Streams Featuring Thomas Azier
  8. Illterlude
  9. Face the Music Featuring DubFX
  10. Modular Featuring DJ Mat
  11. Live Forever
  12. Being Loud Featuring Lil Rhys and Woodnote
  13. Hand Up
  14. Skyrunner
  15. Fire Everyday Featuring DubFX and UEZ
  16. Outro(Awakening)

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