Wednesday, 11 January 2012

The Planet Terror EP

Genre: Dubstep
Well this is interesting, there is an EP from Planet Terror called "The Planet Terror EP". This new EP from Planet Terror dubstep is short. Shorter than 15mins. In fact all the tracks ( 4 to be exact) do not even pass the 3min mark. It seems whoever Planet Terror are, their EP contained a lot of samples from The movie "Planet Terror". I think that is where they got the name from. I enjoyed it for 10mins which was almost the length whole EP. Afterwards I got bored.
Conclusion, a fast EP. Just like a fart. Now let me listen to some Arnej and The Chemical Brothers
Rate: C
01 – Giallo (Original Mix)
02 – Weapon (Original Mix)
03 – Horror De Janeiro (Original Mix)
04 – End Credits (Original Mix)

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