Friday, 13 January 2012

Dreamworld (Nightmare) EP by Vaski

Genre: Dubstep
A new EP from Vaski is out called "Dreamworld (Nightmare) EP". This EP is really good to listen to. It had a mixture of Hip-Hop and dubstep in it which I found really cool. I was really impressed with the rhymes that Audiodasity dropped on Vaski's tracks, because it is not everyday you see someone bust rhymes on dubstep beats. Also I liked the vocals that Sara Locke gave on Dreamworld Nightmare. It was really good.
The tracks that I enjoyed the most were "Limitless" and "Breakdown". In the end  I would say that "Dreamworld (Nightmare) EP" is okay.
Rate: C
01 – Limitless feat. Audiodasity (Original Mix)
02 – Breakdown (Original Mix)
03 – Hydra feat. Sara Laske (Original Mix)
04 – Dreamworld (Nightmare) feat. Audiodasity (Original Mix)
05 – Hardstyle (Original Mix)

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