Monday, 9 January 2012

Further Into the Aether by Satori

Genre: Goa Trance
"Further Into Aether" is a goa trance Lp by Satori. This is my first gao trance album I have gotten. Goa trance is a type of trance that is completely new to me, since I do not know much about this type of electronic music but it is always nice to see what this genre has to offer after all it still is trance.
When I listen to "Further Into Aether" it felt like I was travel in outer space, as there was a lot of cosmic sound in the tracks.The album was had fast and hard beats, sort of like a hard-trance but not as fast though. But most of the time it felt like listening to constellations come alive in my sound system. The song that I enjoyed the most was "What You Come Here For".
The only thing that disappointed me was the length of the album which was short to my liking. Wish it had been a bit longer.
Overall I would say it is a solid album ( Should have been an EP)
Rate: C+

01 – Nod And Smile
02 – Experience
03 – Feel The Burn
04 – What You Come Here For
05 – Peace Of Mind

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