Friday, 6 January 2012

Six Cups of Rebel by Lindstrøm

Style: Electronic (Space Disco)
Hans-Peter Lindstrøm new album "Six Cups of Rebel" was released this week. I find the name very interesting and wonder why he choose that particular title. It is also the first time I actually have listened to a Space Disco album. So I jumped on it having previously listened to some tracks he did Prins Thomas.
Listening to the album was really cool and groovy. That space and science fiction them that floated around most of the tracks was amazing. His music has the really has the ability to make people feel like their in some inter galactic war was stunning. I also enjoyed the way some tracks progressed and crossover as time went by. It is really an interesting experience listening to the album. The only downer to this LP was that there were not more tracks to look forward to, as there were only 7. But he made for that with the length of each track.
My final word on this LP is that it is worth your money if you enjoy Space Disco and some Element of Deep House.
Rate: B

01 – No Release
02 – De Javu
03 – Magik
04 – Quiet Place To Live
05 – Call Me anytime
06 – Six Cups of Rebel
07 – Hina

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