Friday, 20 January 2012

Are You Sure 12th Planet That "The End is Near!" ?

Genre: Dubstep
Yesterday dubstep DJ and producer 12th Planet released a new EP called "The End Is Near!" On this EP we have the likes of Antiserum, Flinch, Kill the Noise and Skrillex. With all these manes on the EP we can expect on thing, insane tunes, massive breakdowns and absolute loudness for the 20mins.
The EP was tight and cool to listen to. I really enjoyed this one. The EP did not actually feel like the end is near, it felt more like the war is about to begin, it sort of reminded me of a cyber war.
Most of the tracks were solid. The tracks that I liked the most were "Ghost" and "Jailbreak".
Rate: B
01 – The End is Near pt. 1
02 – Burst ft. GMCFOSHO
03 – Ghost
04 – Rachet Strap
05 – Jail Break

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