Thursday, 12 January 2012

The Outlaster LP by Nostalgia

Genre: Dubstep
Listen to the new LP by Nostalgia & Aami today called "The Outlaster LP". I have to say there are so many dubstep LPs and EPs coming out these days. But when I listened to this one I was really impressed with the music that. The collaboration between Nostalgia and Aami was excellent. Aami vocal support on the tracks were really good, I enjoyed hearing her voice. Nostalgia really produced some good sounds on the "The Outlaster LP". I loved the bass sound and the grime was tight. This is easily the best dubstep LP this year so far. I strongly recommend this album to everyone who is looking for a dubstep LP.
Rate: B
01 – Outlaster
02 – Igniter
03 – Say
04 – Your Creation
05 – Make That Drop
06 – Something New
07 – Synthesizer

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