Monday, 6 February 2012

Escaping From Electric Mountain EP by Feed Me

Genre: Dubstep
So it is here, the new EP from Electro House/Dubstep producer Feed Me ( aka Jon Gooch) called "Escape From Electric Mountain". It has the hallmark of the previous EP "To the Stars", a lot of breakcore, down right wicked basslines and outrageous electro tunes that would have fans love it.
But to me I found it a bit the same like the previous one. There was not that much of a difference really. For his fans people will be excited but for first timers it will sound like noise. I actually expected more from this EP. Maybe I expected to much.
There were however some tracks that I really enjoyed. I liked "Relocation", "One Click Headshot" and the best track by a mile on this EP "Whiskers" featuring Gemini. In fact Whiskers to me actually raised the bar on this EP. If it was not for that track I would say that this EP was average.
Rate: B
01 – Trapdoor (ft.Hadouken)
02 – Relocation
03 – One Click Headshot
04 – Embers (ft.Lindsay)
05 – Trichitillomania
06 – Whiskers (ft.Gemini)

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