Friday, 17 February 2012

Ballons of Haus by The Weeknd

Genre: Electronic/Dubstep/R&B
Canadian artist The Weeknd this week released a remix album called "Balloons Of Haus" which was produced by Chi Duly. I had heard of The Weeknd many times, both in the R&B scene and the electronic music scene but I had never actually listen to any of his mixtapes before. Some say he is R&B, others dubstep. After listening to this LP I can say he is a little of both, but he is extremely good.
I really enjoyed the remix songs on this LP a lot. It was refreshing to hear song good soul music immersed in smooth bass tunes. I had not heard that in a long time since Katy B. Chi Duly should get a lot of credit for this remixed album because he did a wonderful job in producing a well organised and enjoyable piece.
This is an album that all music lovers would love for sure. I can bet on it.
01 – The Party (Chi Duly Remix)
02 – Coming Down (Chi Duly Remix)
03 – The Zone (Chi Duly Remix)
04 – D.D. (Chi Duly Remix)
05 – Glass Table Girls (Chi Duly Remix)
06 – What You Need (Chi Duly Remix)
07 – enotS gnilloR (Chi Duly Remix)
08 – The Morning (Chi Duly Remix)
09 – Echoes of Silence (Chi Duly Remix)
10 – The Morning (feat. Dunson) (Chi Duly Remix) (Bonus Track)
11 – The Party (feat. Silver Medallion) (Chi Duly Remix) (Bonus Track)

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