Monday, 3 October 2011

Camo & Krooked have "Cross The Line"

Today Camo & Krooked released their second album on Hospital called "Cross the Line". I waited for some time for this album and found out earlier to they via email. As I heard, I say it right to get a hold of it since I loved their single "Breezeblock" which came out last summer. The album features artists like TC, Shaz Sparks, Ayah Marar, Jenna G, Futurebound and Skittles. 
So listening to the tracks I found that the artists are similar to another popular Drum n' Bass artists, namely "Pendulum", but they are still very different from the dnb legends I might. Camo & Krooked bring a more melodic feel or liquid still than Pendulum do. And for this I really enjoy the album. It was fast, smooth and rough at times. But banging as it should be.
The tracks that I really enjoy on this album were "Get Dirty" featuring TC, "Breezeblock", "Run Riot", "In the Future" featuring Jenna G and Futurebound and "The Lesson" feat. Skittle.
In all, I would say that Cross the Line is a good Drum n Bass album.
Track List
  1. Get Dirty feat. TC
  2. All Fall Down feat. Shaz Sparks
  3. Breezeblock
  4. Cross the Line feat. Ayah Marar
  5. Make the Call feat. TC
  6. Run Riot
  7. Anubis
  8. In the Future feat Jenna G & Futurebound
  9. The Lesson feat. Skittle
  10. Watch It Burn feat. Shaz Sparks
  11. Hot Pursuit
  12. Funk You
  13. Far Away
  14. Afterlife

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