Thursday, 22 September 2011

Sander van Doorn's Eleve11

 Well this week we are blessed with the release of Sander van Doorn's new studio album "Eleve11". The album consist of 11 tracks of trance music. I felt it was a bit short but it really doesn't matter as long as the quality of the album is not compromised. When I had a first glanced on the album the only track which I had heard before the album was released was "Koko" which many find as their favorite track on the "Eleve11" album.
Listening to the album was really enjoyable. The album had a lot tracks that both old and new trance enthusiasts would enjoy. It had so many uplifting melodies that really makes you feel light the head, and when the drum-line kicks in, it will definitely make your head nod in approval.
There are many tracks on this album that are worth to listen to. One of such tracks is the track he did with Laidback Luke called "Who's Wearing the Cap". Another one that I really enjoyed was "Rolling the Dice". In this track he featured Sidney Samson and Nadia Ali. A really good track. But the one that I loved the most had to be "Nano" I just fell in love with that track.
In a nutshell, "Eleve11" is a good trance album that people will enjoy if obtained.
Track List
  1. Love is Darkness(Interlude)
  2. Koko
  3. Believe
  4. Nano
  5. Rolling the Dice
  6. Beyond Sound(The Godskitchen Urban Wave Mix)
  7. Timezone
  8. Drink to Get Drunk
  9. Who's Wearing the Cap
  10. Slap My Pitch Up
  11. Eagles

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