Saturday, 15 October 2011

The Vision by Joker

Well this is the first time I actually listened to Joker. I can say his style is very interesting as he brings a soulful, chiptune tunes in his new album "The Vision" which boasts of both vocal and instrumental tracks. There is also a bit of rap and grime in the album that really impressed, because I thought it would be purely instrumental. It seems that there were a lot surprises for me when I started to listen to the album. I really enjoyed the chiptunes in this album as it reminds me of the old Nintendo games I used to play back in the 90s and I always love it when it is incorporated in dubstep.
My favorite tracks from album were Milky Way which had that space theme floating around really cool. My Trance Girl, Lost and The Vision. This is a good dubstep album. One in which you will enjoy listening to a couple of times
Tracklist :
01: Joker – Intro
02: Joker – Slaughter House
03: Joker – Tron
04: Joker – The Vision (Let Me Breathe)
05: Joker – Milky Way
06: Joker – Level 6 (Interlude)
07: Joker – My Trance Girl
08: Joker – Lost
09: Joker – On My Mind
10: Joker – Back In The Days
11: Joker – Electric Sea
12: Joker – The Magic Causewa

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