Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Ten Years from now how will Trance be like?

Over the past couple of days I have always wonder how trance will be like in the next ten years. Some tell me it will evolve it some amazing underground trance-like music. Some hope the melody will still remain the same. For me I hope it goes in these three ways
Make it more Electronic
Trance should be more electronic to give us that futuristic sound that we love to hear in and see in Sci-Fi movies. I would love to hear those electrifying robotic sound effects blend into sweet or mild melody that will just sweep you off your feet, or throw you of your game as if you are in a Matrix movie. Mechanical sounds should be incorporated into trance music not in a rough manner but in a way that makes us feel like we are drifting in an out of a virtual world.
Make the Melody more Hypnotic
The melodies in trance should emphasis on making the listener feel like he or she is in the song and feeling it take control of your body, mind and spirit. The melody should be so hypnotic that it throws the listener into a dream state or a state of trance. It will be fantastic if trance music could be a new form of mind control to make the listener more happy and calm and reach level that will mark new era in music. But caution should be taken not to use this as a tool to enslave mankind.
Spread it to All Corners of the Globe
Trance music is already popular but it could still be spread to new areas where it is not so popular. This could be done by making collaborations with artist of different genres like hip hop and rnb. In doing so trance could be gaining new fans due to introduction of their beautiful instrumental that will be played and heard on these tracks. An example is when Tiesto featured Busta Rhymes or Benni Benassi and Chris Brown, both trance DJs that became even more popular when by merging their fans with trance. Also trance should be promoted and encouraged by the youth to try out since it could bring out once creativity.
These are many more changes trance will go through. It might not go through these changes but what other way it goes I hope e the fans are in control like we always have been.

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