Friday, 6 May 2011

Hopen Up Your Mind We are here!

In various ways all want to be heard and seen but we all want people to be infected to our ideas and views (Inception). Trance is like that, it is an infectious genre that gives the mind at a retrospective, that makes the body do things it would not normally do. And I am saying this on a personal level. You might not feel the same but that's OK the purest trance lovers know what I mean. Music is a passion that every atom in the universe respond to. We can't help it, we are emotionally, spiritually and physically linked to melodies, rhythm and beats which is amazing.Electronic music has always focused more on how to make our mind enjoy the music. Not necessary on the money and commercial aspect of it all. But you wonder then why? Anyway music should do one thing and one thing only, not to make money but to free us from the stress life brings and open up our mind to the impossible.

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