Friday, 15 April 2011

Drum N Bass, Dubstep and Trance, all are unique, right?

Well gone for two weeks but am finally back. It was been a relaxing two weeks I may say the highlight was the ASOT 500 and Den Bosch. I think it was the best ASOT event in its history,so many amazing djs and icons in the trance scene. My fondest moment (even though I was not there) was when Perfecto himself came out to host the event. If you do not know Perfecto then you do not know trance. Perfecto is Paul Oakenfold. Amazing.
Sometimes I wonder when it comes to Electronic Dance Music, what do we really like? Drum N Bass, Dubstep or Trance. I for one like all of them. They are all special in their own unique way. They may not have market quality like pop, hip hop or rock but they are all around us.
Lets take Drum N Bass, drum n bass has come a long way. I really don't know how long it has been around but I am not a historian today, maybe next time. One thing I do know it was there before we called it Drum n Bass. Fast tempo drum beats and rhythm have dominated the UK underground party scene for ages. Sounds which I enjoy with so many. It is what we call raves. Never been to one but it is extremely cool and dangerous at the same time. What makes this genre special is the melodies that follow each drum sequence. One of the classic drum n bass tracks of all time must be The Prodigy's Voodoo People. If you don't know it you might have heard is in countless  movies and TV series. Pendulum remix of this track is even better, which usually is not the case with electronic dance remixes.If you like this genre then get hold of albums like The Fat of the Land by Prodigy a classic, Hold Your Colour by Pendulum (the best selling Drum N Bass album so far) , No More Idols by Chase & Status and Netsky by Netsky only to mention a few.
Trance, what can I say about trance it has been around for about decade now, and it was so many followers, and they are in their millions too! Here in my country Ghana it might not be popular but it is popular everywhere else. It is evident what trance music has done to Electronic Music Scene due to the crowds it brings at events like Ibiza and Ultra every year as well as the ASOT hosted. I can proudly say trance music will touch more and more people everyday, with icons Armin van Buuren, Tiesto, Gareth Emery and Above and Beyond trance is really influencing every music genre. And we have had so many cross overs where trance DJs and other artist collaborate with one another. The likes of Tiesto and Three 6 Mafia, Ferry Corsten and Guru of Gang Starr and so on. The vocal trance tracks are just as amazing as the non vocal. But with trance the melody needs to be killer if the track is good.
The last and the most recent of them all is of course dubstep. It has very much swept people of their feet. I am amazed by the following it is receiving by people. It was blown away people. It is remarkable. Artist like Benga Artwork and Skream! where like obscure DJs two years ago but now with Magnetic Man blowing the charts and selling out concerts and show I see a bright future for dubstep. Katy B is another artist who has given a voice to dubstep. She can really sing to, no auto tune here. I don't really no about other artist that has actually made it in Dubstep but I truly believe that more will come out. If you are ever going to pick up a dubstep album purchase Magnetic Man And On a Mission by Katy B
So your choice is mine but which ever you like you won't be disappointed.

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