Friday, 1 April 2011

Katy B is on a Mission, so watch out!

Well this week we are graced by having one of the hottest newcomers from thee UK releasing her debut album. It is the one and only Katy B. You may have heard her with hits like "Katy on a Mission" and "Lights Out" featuring Ms Dynamite, but her new album is just, great. I mean she is just what dubstep needs, electric tunes, a lovely voice and spirit that transcends throughout her whole album. To me she should be considered the first lady of Dubstep I do not know if there are any contenders to dethrone her.
Alright back to the album, the album has 12 tracks, the most notable from the once mentioned above are also "Perfect Stranger" and "Broken Record" all singles that have already been released. But  I have few that I personally apart from the singles. These are "Movement" , "Go Away" and "Easy Please Me". But I don't want say anymore than I have. If you are a Katy B fan, please get the album NOW!

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