Thursday, 17 March 2011

Waiting with Music

I sometimes find it irritating waiting for anything. For impatient people like myself it is important to find an activity to let the time pass by. For example one could read a book, play a handled game or simple fool around with a phone or something.
Me I choose music. Listening to music while waiting for something can be stimulating at the same time refreshing. In doing so the best music(electronic) should be one that can relax your mind and calm your nerves. Ambient music suits this situation perfectly since it uses calm beats and relaxing melodies to calm once spirit. One of the most popular and famous artist in this area is the Icelandic singer Bjork, one of my all time favourite musicians. She has the ability to bring out calm, trance-like, cool, and sometimes enchanting put her to me an all time great or legend. Tracks of hers that are relaxing and nerve calming are "All is Full of Love" , "Unison" , "Isobel" and many more.
Another ambient artist that I enjoy listening to is Bonobo. Man this guy must be God sent. He has the gift of making sounds that would make you want to float in the air as you sit some where waiting for your appointment. I fell In love with his music when manage to listen to his latest album "Black Sands". The opening to tracks "Prelude" and "Kiara" are brilliant in introducing the album to first timers. I was one and I immediately got hooked. When you later come the "Kong" then you know you are in for a ride.
Trance music it depends, some tracks are high tempo, in fact most are. But there is a genre that can get you that relaxing, psycodelic trance.
Drum N' Bass does not offer that much relaxing tunes due to its fast tempo beats but I Pendulum do have tracks that could provide this. My pick would be Hold Your Colours
Well that is that.I could go on for ever but then it will be meaningless. If you have other electronic tracks that can relax you please tell me I would like to hear them. Remember today is ASOT 500 so if you have radio station that can stream it for you tune in for you.Bye

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