Tuesday, 15 March 2011

A State of Trance 499

I know I might be a bit late but for those who have listen to the #499 should be impressed by some of the tracks that Armin selected, it was absolutely fantastic! There were several tracks that stood out in this session. My top 5 tracks were as follows:
  1. Between the Rays by Orjan Nilsen (Tune of the week)
  2. Slacker by Mike Shiver vs. Matias Lehtola
  3. Dionysia by Juventa
  4. Libertine by Marc Otten
  5. So Caught Up by Max Graham feat. Neev Kennedy
To me, these were by far the stand out tracks. There might have been better tracks there for you to soak into your membrane, but if you have recorded version of this episode feel free to listen closely to all the songs. Trance is always beautiful but ASOT takes this genre to a different level.
Thank you all for reading.

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