Friday, 25 November 2011

Kill Kill Kill (EP) by Kill the Noise

Well this the first time I have actually heard of Kill the Noise aka Jake Stanczak, an Electro House artist. To me Kill the Noise is more dubstep than Electro House. If I am wrong then Electro House is sounding more and more like dubstep these days. "Kill Kill Kill" is an intersecting name for an EP I have to say, but since it is from Kill the Noise it should not be a surprise.
The music on "Kill Kill Kill" is really strange but interesting and loud, and it has really good tracks on them. The breakdowns and the bass tunes combinations are really cool and nice to listen to especially when it is loud. It is a bit similar to Skrillex but with a less wobbling sound in the background.
One the EP he had the likes of Ultraviolet and Emily Hudson on the track Dying. The likes of Brown & Gammon, Alvin Risk,  KOAN and Dillon Francis provided remixes for some of his track. Some of the remixes were in fact pretty good, others average. My favorite remix was "Dying feat. Ultra Violet Sound & Emily Hudson (Brown & Gammon Remix)" a pretty good one. The track I liked the most was "Real Life (Original Mix)" really good.
I have to say that "Kill Kill Kill" is a good (EP). I hope they make a studio album soon.

Track List :
1. Kill The Noise (Part I)
2. Deal With It
3. Real Life?
4. She Likes To Party
5. Talk To Me
6. Dying feat. Ultra Violet Sound & Emily Hudson
7. Kill The Noise (Dillon Francis Remix)
8. Dying feat. Ultra Violet Sound & Emily Hudson (Brown & Gammon Remix)
9. Kill The Noise (Alvin Risk Remix)
10. Deal With It (KOAN Sound Remix)

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